Code of Ethics

Massoel Shipping’s Code of Ethics is articulated around the following key drivers. The Company Management and Staff, both ashore and onbard, are fully committed to it.

  • Human life and personnel's safety is our highest priority.
  • Massoel Shipping respects, supports and cares for its seafarers sailing the oceans. They are its most valuable asset.
  • Massoel Shipping pays respect to the environment.
  • Massoel Shipping’s relationship with our clients and suppliers is honest fair and transparent.
  • Massoel Shipping management and staff are committed to, and we will continuously support the Company's management system, policies, mission and vision.
  • Relationships within the Company are based on mutual trust, respect, fairness and care for each other at the same time respecting hierarchy.
  • Massoel Shipping always conducts its business in a fair, professional and transparent manner.
  • Massoel Shipping aims for continual improvement towards maximum efficiency and excellency.
  • Massoel Shipping’s Management and Staff respect the Company's systems, property and tools entrusted to them.
  • Massoel Shipping’s Management and Staff do not disclose Company's data and information to any third party.
  • Massoel Shipping’s management is committed to lead the Company towards achievements, maintaining open door policy, giving fair opportunities to all employees.